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This is your guide to Lisbon best hidden secrets. Getting to an unknown town can be quite stressful, so enjoy our suggestions to experience the real Lisbon!

  • St. George’s Castle: discover the hidden viewpoint

    Jan. 16 2024

    The Miradouro do Recolhimento is an unmissable spot just a two-minute walk from St. George’s Castle. It was inaugurated in April 2017 and is the result of an intervention by the Santa Maria Maior…

  • Lisbon’s Santos Populares Festival: how to make the most of it

    Dec. 15 2023

    The “Santos Populares” Festival is the most celebrated event in the Portuguese capital. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of it. June is the…

  • A journey through modern Lisbon – 7 suggestions not to be missed

    Aug. 04 2022

    Is Lisbon your next destination? If you want to know more about the Portuguese capital and have ideas about what to do in Lisbon, here is a small itinerary with 7 suggestions not to be…

  • Picturesque Lisbon – 8 must-see tourist attractions

    Apr. 12 2022

    Planning a visit to Lisbon and afraid of missing the most special places in the city? We don’t want that to happen to you, so we have 8 suggestions from those who know the secrets around São…

  • What to do in Lisbon – 6 places and experiences you can’t miss

    Jan. 11 2022

    Are you preparing a trip to Lisbon? Then you can’t miss the main points of interest in one of the most beautiful European capitals.  But beyond Lisbon’s main tourist attractions, there…

  • Heritage Collection: Choose the right hotel

    Apr. 08 2021

    Are you preparing a trip to Lisbon? You certainly can’t miss the main points of interest of this city, one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, but the choice of holiday itinerary will always be…

  • What do a Boutique Hotel, a Pousada, a Parador, a Riad and a Ryokan have in common?

    Mar. 10 2021

    Whatever your destination, one of the decisive points of every trip is the choice of accommodation. A huge responsibility that will condition the whole experience. In Portugal, and especially in…

  • Romance in Lisbon: from Lisbon’s cobblestone pavements to the cosiness of Solar do Castelo

    Oct. 27 2020

    Solar do Castelo is one of the 50 most romantic retreats in the world. We’re not the (only) ones who say it, it’s Travel and Leisure, one of the most respected publications in the Tourism…

  • Heritage Collection – Boutique Hotels, just because

    Sep. 04 2020

    The Heritage Hotels Collection alone has many good reasons for you to visit and make your stay in Lisbon even more enjoyable. Each of its five Boutique Hotels has a unique personality and provides a…

  • Itinerary through Belém: Where mornings have a special charm

    Mar. 13 2020

    Lisbon has so much to offer. Imagine having in a single place: the perfect view, unique handicrafts, delicious typical products and all this, in the open air, at Centro Cultural de Belém. …

  • Three Suggestions for exploring Intercultural Lisbon

    Jan. 24 2020

    Ask yourself, how many worlds can you (re)encounter in Lisbon? Within 100 km2, Lisbon, the second oldest city in Europe, is constantly crossing cultures. From Asian to African, you can find…

  • Boutique Hotel: what it is and why you should stay in one

    Jan. 10 2020

    How to choose your Boutique Hotel After choosing your destination, the choice of accommodation is the most important decision you will have to make as you prepare to go on holiday. Whether…

  • Heritage Solar do Castelo – The experience of living in a Castle

    Sep. 16 2019

    Here is one thing to keep in mind: this is not just another Hotel in Lisbon. Entering Solar do Castelo is to embark on the experience of the court, in a narrative with centuries of History….

  • In the most cosmopolitan avenue of Lisbon, lives a Boutique Hotel with your home’s comfort.

    Aug. 14 2019

    Getting to a Hotel can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know Lisbon. Allow yourself to slow down for a moment. As soon as you enter the Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel, you leave…

  • The Crown of Lisbon: São Jorge Castle

    Oct. 22 2019

    A Hotel within the walls of São Jorge Castle becomes part of History. Solar do Castelo settled in what were once the court kitchens, making this the Heritage with the earliest History of the entire…

  • Britania Hotel: The Heritage that preserves the 1940s.

    Jul. 03 2019

    Britania Hotel – A Hotel in Lisbon with plenty to see Art Deco, glamour and revivalism. These are the three words that welcome us as soon as we cross Britania Hotel impressive door. If you…