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Apr. 08 2021

Are you preparing a trip to Lisbon? You certainly can’t miss the main points of interest of this city, one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, but the choice of holiday itinerary will always be based on the choice of the right hotel.

In the Heritage group, every hotel is different.

Different environments for different personalities and tastes. Quality, comfort and service are the hallmarks of the brand, that’s for sure, but besides that, you won’t find two identical Heritage hotels and, for this very reason, if you stay in each of the five, you will have five different experiences.

Those who arrive on a trip may come for various reasons, for a short period or for a longer stay, and this will also influence their choice. We can list many reasons, but in this case, we point out the ones that bring most travellers to the capital:

Family holidays

Both in summer and during school holidays, it is common for trips to be taken as a family, usually with parents and their children. During these holidays, the time is divided between taking short walks in the surroundings and staying in the hotel. The younger the children, the more the parents tend to look for a more reserved environment.
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Holidays to rest

This type of trip serves specifically to take a break from routine and recharge before returning to work. The daily stay in the hotel is usually longer, regular and guests choose to enjoy the comfort of the rooms, the various services offered by the right hotel, such as massages, room service, and the common spaces that are highly valued, such as libraries, outdoor spaces, swimming pool, etc. The comfort of these spaces is very important as they allow the guest to stay longer in the hotel, without being limited to one room.
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Holidays to get to know the city

Travellers who come to the city for the first time often come with the intention of getting to know it as well as possible and having multiple local experiences in a few days. They are usually guests who spend less time in the hotel, preferring to leave early, after a hearty breakfast, and return at the end of the day with the certainty that all the comfort and relax they need are waiting for them. The personal relationship ends up not being a decisive factor. However, in these cases, the great advantage is a location close to the centre, which makes it easier to access the places to visit, saving time and money on travel. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to return to the right hotel quickly, for any unforeseen event or to rest a little before continuing to explore the city.
detail lisbon heritage hotels logo We recommend Hotel Lisboa Plaza or Hotel Britania

Romantic getaway or honeymoon

Short stays, which take advantage of long weekends, serve to break the routine and provide couples with moments of mutual dedication. This dedication is even more pronounced on honeymoons, as it is an unrepeatable moment for two on a longer stay. One way or the other, when romance is involved, details are highly valued and everything has to be perfect. For this reason, the rooms chosen should preferably be larger because this will make a difference and will positively condition the experience at the right hotel.
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Business trip

These are also usually short stays, with specific needs such as good internet service conditions, early check-in or late check-out that adapt to meeting schedules, as well as other services that streamline the stay in a busy city, such as parking or taxi service, among others. In short, prompt and demanding service is a key factor to choose the right hotel.
detail lisbon heritage hotels logo We recommend Heritage Avenida Liberdade

Visiting family and friends

With more regular stays, visits to family and friends are the reason for short stays in a hotel. They are more common around festive dates, such as Christmas or birthdays. There may be cases where these guests want to receive visitors in the common areas and this may greatly condition the selection.
detail lisbon heritage hotels logo We recommend Hotel Britania or As Janelas Verdes

3 highlights from each of the Heritage hotels that will match you

The very Portuguese expression “só visto” (seeing is believing) could be perfectly adapted to Heritage hotels when it comes to choosing. Each one will have a few points in favour, and many others in common. We have selected 3 highlights from each of the units, but it is clear that much remains to be said.

As Janelas verdes

It will always be a (1) Writers’ House, which will delight lovers of Portuguese literature (and others). The sunny palace will make you feel that you are being welcomed into the home of a literary work – and some say that it really is, as the first (and many) pages of the classic “Os Maias” (The Maias) are dedicated to it. If this is so, the reason why Eça de Queiróz lost himself in the details of the famous description is clear.

Bring a book, and step into the story, in a cosy (2) Library, with windows that open wide over a breath-taking view of the Tagus River.

Visit the (3) Inner courtyard and you will feel protected from the outside world, running the risk of forgetting it altogether.

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Heritage Avenida da Liberdade

The (1) location on Lisbon’s most exclusive avenue is the “must have” for those who come looking for the glamour of a European capital and want to settle in the luxurious area of downtown Lisbon. You will be right next to some of the world’s top haute couture shops.

(2) Lisbon’s most famous theatres and the Coliseu dos Recreios itself are located around every corner. This is “the centre of downtown Lisbon” and, at night, entertainment is guaranteed just a few minutes away.

Inside the Hotel, you can relax in the (3) Jet pool, in a calm and intimate environment.

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Hotel Britania

If you are a fan of (1) Art Deco, if you like to relive the period in objects that survive it, this hotel, which we can almost say incorporates small museums and art galleries, lets you admire the frescoes, the collections and the furniture, which is itself a testimony to history.

The (2) historic building welcomes you with a door, the likes of which you will never have seen before. Observe this structure because it is just the beginning. The marble columns, the vaults and the frescoes will not leave you indifferent, and you will not even have left the lobby.

Right next door, the hotel bar counter still bears the imprint of the sounds of the evenings and social gatherings (“tertulias”) of the bon vivants of Portuguese society in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, it has inherited a history of serving as a home for celebrities, receiving them for (3) long stays.

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Hotel Lisboa Plaza

(1) Families will find in this Heritage a perfect place to stay. Moreover, none of the family members will have to stay outside, because this unit is (2) pet friendly.

On one of the streets perpendicular to Avenida da Liberdade, it shares the (3) privileged location with 2 other Heritage hotels: downtown Lisbon is just a stone’s throw away and the iconic Arco do Triunfo in Rua Augusta is less than 10 minutes away, as are all the shops, theatres, belvederes, typical lifts and even the nightlife area (Chiado, Bairro Alto, Bica, etc.).

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Solar do Castelo

 (1) São Jorge Castle is one of the city’s hallmarks. Located on top of one of the 7 hills of Lisbon, it witnessed the earthquake that in 1755 devastated the city and led to its organized reconstruction, which today makes the Portuguese capital one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the perfect mix between old and modern.

And because castles always have an aura of a (2) Romance, inside the hotel you will find rooms worthy of the kings and queens who passed through here, with sumptuous decoration.

If you value the experience of living close to the locals in one of (3) Lisbon’s typical neighbourhoods, this is the Heritage that suits your plans. Here, the narrow and uncluttered streets tell the story of a Lisbon neighbourhood, among doors flanked by flower pots, clothes airers and houses with original layouts.

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