Itinerary through Belém: Where mornings have a special charm

Mar. 13 2020

Lisbon has so much to offer.

Imagine having in a single place: the perfect view, unique handicrafts, delicious typical products and all this, in the open air, at Centro Cultural de Belém

After breakfast at one of the 5 Heritage Hotels, we would like to make a suggestion for a different experience. On the first Sunday of each month, come and contemplate the three large gardens that precede the entrance to Centro Cultural de Belém and take you to the staircase that leads you to the best of Portuguese tradition, and also the best of its recreation: the CCB market.

Among the confectionery products, handmade soaps, exclusive fashion items and jewellery, you will find a bit of the whole country here. Besides the unique character of what it can offer, the friendliness and approachability of the makers of each product or item will certainly not leave you indifferent.

At the other end of this central square, you will find a huge terrace waiting for you, which gives you an impressive view over the Tagus River, where you can breathe and relax.

And since you are only a few metres from the Berardo Collection, take the opportunity to see one of the most visited exhibitions in Europe.

For the perfect afternoon, the ideal esplanade

A selected wine list is a must-have. But when it is accompanied by a vast landscape over the blue that embraces Lisbon, it becomes impossible to resist.

We recommend that you continue your tour through Belém to Restaurante À Margem. And as the name suggests, it has particularities that distinguish it from most other restaurants. With a minimalist design, this project by architects Falcão de Campos and José Ricardo Vaz delivers, through its enormous windows and white tones, a sense of serenity that should be almost mandatory when travelling on vacation.

We also suggest that you ignore your wristwatch so that you can fully enjoy the inspiring mood of this place located between the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument and Belém Tower.

And in an area that’s an ode to the Discoveries…

…it is imperative to recommend a trip to the Avenida da Índia gallery. Or to Poço de Luz (light well), as it is known for the brightness that invades the large exhibition room, through the large windows that create a mystical aura and allow curious visitors to unveil a little of the artist featured there, through their works.

This place is quite surprising, because it can easily go unnoticed. And perhaps for that same reason it has been chosen as a studio by visual artists such as Lagoa Henriques, Maria Helena Matos, António Cândido dos Reis and Carlos Amado – references in Portuguese culture.

A long day deserves one of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon

Belém has surrendered to the charms and know-how of the Marisqueira Nune’s Real seafood restaurant. And, therefore, so has the rest of the city, which owes so much of its history to the sea.

Just 450 metres from the above-mentioned gallery, you will surely be fascinated by the impeccable service and freshness of the seafood. But the list goes on: the menu is varied and in addition to the spices and sauces that are amazing for the almost homely care with which they are used, it boasts a modern and elegant style. A perfect balance that invites sharing and a good conversation.

And in case you finish dinner before 11 pm:

Take the opportunity to finish off the evening with the velvety taste of the typical Pastel de Belém (custard tart), wrapped in a crunchy crust that delights of so many Lisbon residents and foreigners. Apparently, at nightfall, the queues are no longer an impediment for you to enjoy this unmissable treat and the magnificent halls, almost embroidered with typical Portuguese white and blue tiles (azulejo), which lead you to the scent that once prevailed in the Monastery of Jerónimos.

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Image Credits: Alice Butenko and Annie Spratt on Unsplash