• 90 tons of rice donated to the Portuguese Food Bank in collaboration with Lisbon Heritage Hotels

    Sep. 10 2019

    During 2018, Lisbon Heritage Hotels and its collaborators recycled Nespresso coffee capsules.Nespresso then separates the sludge from aluminum, uses the sludge to fertilize rice fields, and with…


  • Lisbon Heritage Hotels uses electricity from 100% renewable energy sources

    May. 06 2019

    Lisbon Heritage Hotels have just received Green Energy certification. The electricity supplied to Lisbon Heritage Hotels by Axpo IbĂ©rica is certified by AENOR as Class A Green Energy.Green energy…


  • “Heroes of Hospitality 2019” – Lisbon Heritage Hotels receive award from Booking.com

    Apr. 24 2019

    Lisbon Heritage Hotels have just received the Heroes of Hospitality 2019 from Booking.comIn all Heritage units the goal has always been to exceed Customer’s expectations. Values associated with…


  • Hotel Britania welcomes veteran cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko

    Apr. 18 2019

    Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko was in Portugal last week to attend the lecture of the event “Sputnik-1, the Birth of the Space Age”. The Perspective of life in space by cosmonaut Mikhail…


  • Lisboa Plaza Hotel receives Welcome Chinese Certification

    Apr. 01 2019

    Regarding the constant concern for the improvement of the service provided, the Lisboa Plaza Hotel recently obtained the Welcome Chinese certification.Welcome Chinese certification is the only…


  • Telegraph chooses Hotel Britania as one of the world’s most amazing Art Deco hotels in the world

    Feb. 20 2019

    Art Deco Hotel Lisbon has a name – Hotel Britania. Last 18th February the British newspaper Telegraph elected the most amazing Art Deco hotels in the world.With the title Decadent design: the…


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